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What Sets Us Apart

Level Installation was created to offer a service with great value and convenience.

With more than 14 years of experience, Level Installation was founded by an expert with profound knowledge of art placement as well as sign installation.

Specialized Services

At Level Installation, we believe in ensuring quality by focusing on what we do best. Our services revolve exclusively around installation and placement of artwork, decoration pieces, and valuables that require proper and professional placement. As specialist, we refrain from general handyman services and request our clients to consult professional handyman for tasks that go beyond installation and hanging.


Fully Equipped

Our installation service includes installation of hardware required for the placement of your item. We will also provide you with high quality hardware including stand offs, cables, hooks, and tape etc. We promise a job successfully completed on time.


Corporate Clients

Many of our clients are businesses that require professional hanging, placement, and installation services. Major industries include signage companies that have chosen us again and again to assist them with proper installation of signage for their clients.

Blank white poster in loft room with concrete floor and wooden bench, mock up

Nationwide Presence

We cater to clients all across New England. However, if the job is big and challenging enough, we do travel across the nation to make sure the job is done in the most satisfactory and timely manner.

For more information regarding our work process, feel free to contact us at 781.552.0632